Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Friend Rubber Band

Does it hurt to fall from the sky?
Attractive angel, yes you are.
How do you hide your feeling when you cry?
Because I don't find any scar.

If you fall for someone,
And doesn't catch you back,
You stay as you are, in front of anyone,
Hiding the ache without a trace, we cannot track.

Baby you're so flexible,
Not as brittle as a bottle,
Neither hard as a stone,
But tough enough on your own.

Adjustments you can easily done,
Stretch your kindness to everyone,
Then, when you are happy and you smile,
Seems it elongates as long as a mile.

But did they know you better,
Frozen rubber will be brittle forever,
But I like you because you're elastic,
I wish I was like you, so fantastic.

A unique real person
With no sign of deformation,
No sign of loneliness,
An aura full of happiness.

Please stay happy don't be lonely,
I can fill you when you feel empty,
I'm always right here your friend,
That will guide you until the end.

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