Monday, November 21, 2011

No Don't, Noooooooooo!

A rope,
A dope,
A gun,
An urn.

What will you do with that rope?
Don't you dare leave your hope,
Everything will be fine,
You have your problem, i have my wine.

"I will drink this drug."
Stop do not drink that,
I am here, I'll give you a hug,
Poison may kill thin or fat.

"Look, I'm too high!"
Stop do not move, sigh...
I know its nice to fly,
But people have no wings, you'll die.

"Can I borrow this gun?"
Stop! Surrender me that gun,
A gun is not used for fun,
You pulled the trigger, oh a water gun.

"Oh common, what's your problem!
I'd tried to drink my medicine, ehem! ehem!
I went to the rooftop to see the sky,
But you act so wierd I just can't reply.
Please just leave?
Forget you grieve,
Now I'll just water my plants,
And sorry for your wet pants."

A dream,
I scream,
Rendered void,
Me, paranoid.

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