Saturday, December 14, 2013

Crying Moon

Who ever cared when the moon cries?
Who ever thought it has its eyes?
Who ever realized it needs help?
Who ever loved the moon itself?

The moon is always alone,
It makes itself happy on its own.
Alone to reflect the sunlight,
To prove its love at a great dark night.

But the moon never gets tired of asking,
Why does it feel so empty and sobbing?
Why does it need to be the only one?
And why not share its life with that someone?

Never tired of asking why was it alone,
Hearing no voice nor single tone? 
Or does its lonely life really exist?
Is it a dream or nightmare it can't resist?

The moon is lonely, it's home alone,
To prove that the moon is not alone,
Astronauts joined it, in its faraway space,
Then, when is the time someone'll fill my space.

Yes, the moon gets lonely sometimes,
Do anyone realizes this plenty of times?
That there is only one moon we got,
There is only one me, where my life is at.