Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'll Never Cry

I'll never ever cry because of you,
Whatever you think, you are free to do,
You and I know I cared when you left me,
But I promise I won't cry you'll see.

But why do my sight gets dull and blur?
Are these cold droplets coming from the sky?
Do these clear tears would make me feel better?
If you mean saying our final goodbye.

As I stare, I can't stand these pretending,
The longer I see your beautiful face,
The more this lonely heart feels much aching,
But now our love's nothing but broken string.

Rain falls first as my tears reaches the ground,
Droplets from green leaves fall without a sound,
I never thought I'll be sad without you,
And never imagined I'll cry for you.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Forever Alone?

One day, I’m staring at something,
Wind is blowing, caressing my skin,
Thinking something that’s bothering me,
Why in this world my lovelife’s empty.

Roses are red and I have a phone,
No one texts me, forever alone?
Am I a modern tranquil disease,
Invisible thing that nobody sees?

Despite everyone’s snobbish manner,
Deep in my heart is serene exposure,
Live my sober life for who I am,
God is my sentinel, my fate’ll come.

Saturday, June 09, 2012


This story is based on true to life fiction. All characters are real in our imagination. Reading this story will make you live in your dreams not in this world. Make sure to get back from the other dimension to your home. Thank you.