Friday, September 26, 2014

Call It Night

Pillows thrown out, bed sheet on stain,
Wet minds and sweat from his bed,
Sweet caress, moans with her breath,
Raindrops falls while she gives him a head.

Waking up in a wet dream,
Alone in an empty sheet,
Can't sleep again while the night's off,
Needs to wind up from all that shit!

This night she goes wherever she wants
Her rouge covers this fragile weak flower
She wants to be attractive as she can
As she finds a man who will be her lover.

Dance in the crowd with freedom,
Show them what's behind those tears,
Her sparkling eyes attracts his
While she smiles falsely to cover her fears.

He said good words for her to smile
And felt his gentle touch on her skin.
It feels so great but why is she confused?
It's cold outdoors but it's hot within.

He grabbed her hand, walked out the door
Under the pouring rain, he kissed her lips,
She wants to break free, she won't protest
As she clung at his neck, he hugged her hips.

Just right there, hopes no one sees,
Under her soaking clothes is smooth and clean
He found a girl with a broken smile,
Made some love that can't be seen.

At that moment he broke her into two
Planted a seed will soon to be free
He left her alone while crying aches
She thought her love will grow up like a tree.

That Dream

Last night, I had a dream,
With your face covered with black,
Your voice in realm,
Your heart was locked.

I stepped closer to reach your hand,
But I can't move, my feet were stuck,
If I pull harder I could break my all,
But for you I'll try everything, wish me luck.

Chains released you, I saw your smile,
But dark hole appeared and you were sucked,
I kept crying, knowing you're gone,
Then, just beneath me you're released, untucked.

Darkness fades, as green fields start to glow,
You wear sleeves with tie, and brownies slack,
I saw your face, the moment I felt was love,
But I woke up startled, and looked at the clock.

[made for a friend :D]