Saturday, February 09, 2013

Junior and Senior's Creepy Night

It was dark and stormy night of the Junior and Senior's Promenade Night and many of us, especially juniors, were excited to dance with our senior crushes. Even though we were not friends with Mayweather, the weather was just not friendly with us. Imagine of a romantic place with flowers, candles and the students with their most sexy and elegant outfit matches with the slow ballad songs playing, whispering in your ear. But suddenly, the thunder's whispers with lightning flashes making us all stunned a bit, it made my mood swing. Surely your heart will run out of your ribs when you see Abby in her black glittery gown while making a glamorous walk in this resto bar. I just can't take my eyes off of her and I promised myself that I will be her first and last dance, and wished selfishly that I would only be the one who'll dance with her all night.

I'm a bit surprised that I am the only guy looking at her with her angel-like charm. Yes, she's just a typical girl outside this celebration, but a nerdy woman with glasses would turn into an attractive flower will only live in fairy tales. Abby is different, she is real! Looking at her makes your lips say "Damn!" without even noticing that you already said it. I've always admired her before but I am off right now because I already loose my self confidence of asking her for a dance. But why was I feeling something strange, somthing was wrong here? Am I gonna lose my chips for this night? No.

I stood up. Took a deep breathe. Practiced my line, "Can I have this dance with you?" I smelled my own breathe and said "I can do this." But I can't understand, I heard my chair sang, "You take one step away, and you find yourself coming back to me." It only took me one step away but I sat back and think again. I have no courage to come closer to her. Minutes gone by but she's just sitting alone in a table, no one approached her. I saw her face turned sad. I can't let her night be ruined. This is it!

"Um. Can I have this, uhm. Can I dance with you?" darn it, I screwed up. I felt my hand close to being numb but before it falls from the ground, she held it. My teeth smiles with my heart. I know she's also a junior like me but my heart wanted her, even though this only took a minute. That night would be my only chance so thank God, He gave me courage.

We stood in the middle where I know more couples would cover us from the audience. "You're so cold. Are you nervous?" I smiled at her. "Don't worry, I do not eat the people I love."

She just looked at me. "Its just that I am already dead." she said. I was like laughing but she looks so serious in that joke. 

I whispered to her ear, "I'm also dead, deadly in love with you."

"I wish he was you." she said suddenly.

"Who?" shocked and puzzled, I asked. I only saw her staring at the guy dancing with another beautiful sexy girl.

She replied me with her head wagging but still smiling. I never heard of Abby dating a guy and I analyzed that she's still single that time. So I only thought of the moment with her, holding her hand, her hips, I wish I could hold her thigh but that's a big no no. I tried to stare onto her eyes but in my surprise, her eyes were all white!

"Don't stare at me like that." she said as I almost pushed her. I glanced again through her eyes but they're now with black. Is that for real?

"Sorry." I apologized, I ruined our romantic moment. Dumb me! Now she'll ask me to take a break.

"Have a seat, I'll go to the restroom." she said. I knew it!

I thought the crows turned white while waiting for Abby to come out the restroom. Maybe she took a hard time. "Waaaaaaaahhh!" a man screaming from the restroom. He rushed out and others rushed in, I'm with them. We saw a dead bloody body of a senior - Danny. I'm a bit worried for Abby that time so I took the chance to enter the girl's cr but no one is there. No signs of Abby anywhere in that room. I started to feel strange.

Before anyone sees me there, I tried to go out but I stepped on rushing fluid out a cubicle; blood. I pushed as hard as I can while asking for help. Only Abby was someone I knew in this cubicle. Is she alright? Why is she all bloody?

Finally, a professor came to help. Again, surprised as we broke the door and saw the girl who Danny was dancing with a while ago. I just imagined that she screamed in pain before she died based on her gesture. Her position  describes it. Abby? Where is she?

Thunder roars again and lightning strikes the nearest tree in our location. I started to get seriously worried about Abby. Desperately, I asked her classmates where she was. "Are you crazy? Did she attended this night?" answered by one of her guy classmates.

"Bro, that man is crazy. I saw him dancing alone in the middle a minute later." said by one. Alone? I wasn't alone! I'm with Abby. Am I really with her?

Suddenly, someone grabbed my arm bringing me nervous breakdown! I grasped and thought I would faint. "I heard you were looking for Abby?" a girl in white asked me.

"Yes! Where is she? Where did she go?" I hurriedly asked.

"Where did she go?" she returned my question with the wringkles in her forehead. "You're weird. She didn't attend our prom because Danny broke with her last night. Her mom sent me a message. They found her dead somewhere down the road when she rushed going here."


"Danny and Abby were lovers. They tried to hide it from people, even relatives don't know about this. She just slipped her tongue when I tried to ask her."

"..." I'm out of words. I don't know what to say. How did this happen? The girl I danced was dead?!

"You're really crazy. Maybe you're the culprit here!"

"No! Wait!" I rushed to the crime scene and I saw Abby staring creepily to the girl's dead body. Her black dress is now stained with blood. She slowly looked at me as she was slowly getting blurred.

It was dark and stormy night as the doors and all exits of the resto closed. The lights are turning on and off. Everyone was screaming. No one can explain what happened that night. I'm the only one who understands but they judged me. No one wanted to believe me. My selfish wish was granted, I was the only one who danced with Abby although this memoir was quite creepy. Sorry Abby, I can't be your Dark Storm's Knight.


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