Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heart Break (I Found Myself)

I remembered our first conversation,
I can't control my admiration,
What am I feeling is brand new,
I find myself spending time with you.

Facing an angel with you in our lair,
I can't stop touching your curling hair,
Being my girlfriend out of the blue,
And I find myself loving you.

You are strict on everything I do,
You're selfish, that's what I knew,
Jealous and childish, I'm adding these two,
And I find myself unhappy with you.

Breaking up is what I am planning,
And I did, even my heart is aching,
This time you start me hating,
And I find myself crying.

I said what I don't mean, I pounch, I kick,
Thinking of you makes me sick,
Without you, the smile in me was stolen,
Without you, I find myself broken.

Years passed and autumn falls,
But I can't pass these memories' walls,
Loneliness in me spawn,
And I find myself all alone.

I find myself looking at your picture,
Regreting my mistake, accepting this lecture,
Advising my foes, guiding their worries,
And I find myself telling our stories.

This time I thought of you,
Tracing and searching for only you,
Wishing I still have chance on you,
'Coz I find myself still loving you.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dear Ex,

Dear Ex,

I always liked the smell of your hair,
So please, take a bath everyday.
I've wanted to kiss your lips,
But I can't take the smell, it stinks.

Making love with you is so nice,
I use blindfold to cover my eyes,
That naughty look in your eye,
Makes me pray, "Let this night die."

A shell near my ear,
No sign of shore I hear,
No tidal wave for you to fear,
But a smell of fish this near.

You taught me and made me believe in religion,
'Coz it's hell with you and your legion,
Yeah it's heaven, now your gone,
Forever in paradise, if you leave me hon.

Me and our dog misses you in our house,
'Coz doggie can't find any trash.
My face stays calm when you are out,
When you're in, I can't stop your machine gun mouth.

You see me smile when you're around,
But I felt happiness when you're not in my ground.
I loved you without a lie,
But I wanna say goodbye.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Scars of My Heart

One day, I opened my sight,
My eyes glanced five feet from the ground,
Flower petals floating a certain height,
Lost in open air, on the way I found.

Oh your smile, makes my heart jump,
So nice rhytm, with the beat of your hips,
The curves and the humps,
My head spins, my foot limps.

I was struck by Cupid's power,
Temperature of my body gets higher and higher.
Happiness cover my soul at best,
But saddest times starts to spread from a treasure chest.

Then, I was struck by a thundergod's wrath,
Feeling my body with blood's bath,
Flowing out my veins like fluid's path,
Squeezing my heart, breaking it apart.

Asking Cupid, when will be the perfect time,
My greatest valentine may come exact time,
Happiness peek from somewhere in the dark,
Counting on my destiny, searching the X mark.

My lips are still bleeding,
My toungue is still thirsty,
Memories of you while you were sleeping,
The flashback of our kiss makes me dizzy.

Once I failed and tear did fall,
Kicked some stones and punched the wall,
But I didn't lose my faith at all,
God made me strong to stand up tall.

This is my life, this is my fate,
I am destined to open a gate,
Which is locked and knotted tight,
From now 'til forever, beside my love one night.

How I wish to meet my girl in a window,
Say please to Mr. Cupid's love bow,
Hit me once of the shower of arrows,
Shoot the chest of the woman I owe.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Losing Your Phone or Losing Your Virginity

I just can’t help my self. I just can’t.

Iba na talaga ang panahon ngayon, may nag-send sa akin ng joke, “We live in this world, where losing your cellphone is more dramatic than losing your virginity.” I can’t help myself to speak. I just can’t.

Iba na talaga ang panahon ngayon, may nag-send sa akin ng porn scandal, babae. “Weird. Aggressive? Bitch?” mga tanong sa isipan ko ay nabuo. I just can’t help myself to think that way. I just can’t.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Cycle of the Day

As the sun rises, starts up our day,
Clouds cover its brightness, Hey!
But when it starts to shine, and the clouds are gone,
The sun sets splendid time and lose its light.

Then comes the moon, reflects light from the sun.
Dictating the start of the mourning night,
Lighting up the darkness of our blackest sight.
Open those eyes, to figure out that you're not blind.

A full moon reflects a hundred percent to our land.
New moon shows a bright face, the new beginning in our hand.
Last quarter's bright finish, the darkness warn to come.
Inspect the waning of this moon, as it aligns to the sun.
Making the eclipse, seldom in our eyes.

The next day the sun will rise,
From dawn, will make brighter day.
Accepting the past, facing the brightest future,
Continuing its purpose at present time.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Everyday in the Rain 4


Sabay na kaming umuwi ni tatay nang makasalubong ko siya. Every week siya umuuwi kasi may tirahan naman para sa employees yung pinasukan niya, pero nakakamiss pa din. Para kaming magkabarkadang magkaakbay ni tatay pauwi, "Kamusta kayo nung nililigawan mo?" masakit na tanong ni tatay.