Monday, February 20, 2012

Scars of My Heart

One day, I opened my sight,
My eyes glanced five feet from the ground,
Flower petals floating a certain height,
Lost in open air, on the way I found.

Oh your smile, makes my heart jump,
So nice rhytm, with the beat of your hips,
The curves and the humps,
My head spins, my foot limps.

I was struck by Cupid's power,
Temperature of my body gets higher and higher.
Happiness cover my soul at best,
But saddest times starts to spread from a treasure chest.

Then, I was struck by a thundergod's wrath,
Feeling my body with blood's bath,
Flowing out my veins like fluid's path,
Squeezing my heart, breaking it apart.

Asking Cupid, when will be the perfect time,
My greatest valentine may come exact time,
Happiness peek from somewhere in the dark,
Counting on my destiny, searching the X mark.

My lips are still bleeding,
My toungue is still thirsty,
Memories of you while you were sleeping,
The flashback of our kiss makes me dizzy.

Once I failed and tear did fall,
Kicked some stones and punched the wall,
But I didn't lose my faith at all,
God made me strong to stand up tall.

This is my life, this is my fate,
I am destined to open a gate,
Which is locked and knotted tight,
From now 'til forever, beside my love one night.

How I wish to meet my girl in a window,
Say please to Mr. Cupid's love bow,
Hit me once of the shower of arrows,
Shoot the chest of the woman I owe.

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