Sunday, July 21, 2013


Let me tell you something about Miyu.
It is a cute girl's name by few,
Also a moment of love that flew,
The time exactly when I met you.

Miyu means happiness to me.
It's the glow in my eyes you see.
It's the smile in my lips I make,
It's the reason everytime I wake.

Miyu completes my life,
To protect it is something I strife,
Even if it doesn't mean any sense,
I can't compare Miyu to anything else.

Miyu is a person too,
You may not know who,
But they're in a pair of two,
Now, I'll say it no need for clue.

Miyu stands for me and you,
Me and you sticks like glue,
Me and you in dark and blue,
Me and you forever, yes it's true!

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