Saturday, July 06, 2013

You Are My Poem

Written by pen, you're born in this world,
Modeled by love, you've been this old,
Stared by many, you're a beautiful art,
Read by me, you reached my heart.

You are my poem that tickles my chest,
You are the words that inspire me best,
You are the rhymes that I admire the most,
You are the reason I'm writing this clause.

Your actions are likely simile,
But your smile is much hyperbole,
Just your word can complete my day,
Without you I may die and lay.

I made plenty similar poems,
But I can't describe you using them,
Verbs may do but not exactly that is you,
No word can say how much I love you.

Let me express my love for you,
Like how I dedicate this poem to you,
I'll justify these words I say,
Just be with me day by day.

Like a poem I memorized as I read,
Stuck in my heart and in my head.
The only poem that I may heed,
A unique poem that I'll fall in love with.

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