Sunday, July 15, 2012

0.0247% Chance of Meeting You

That single chance you glanced my way,
When I fell in love, that's the day,
If you'll tell me your lovely name,
There'll be nothing to be ashamed.

If I may hold your tender hand,
A wishing star will surely land.
If I may see your cheerful smile,
I'll feel everyday in an aisle.

If you'll forever be with me,
No one is merrier than you and me,
Again, if you and I will meet,
I'll grab the chance and go for it.

I'll kiss your lips and hold your hips,
If you slap my face, I'll lose my chips,
But kiss me back and close your eyes,
I will love you a million miles.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Debtor's Sonnet

I have plenty of dreams, dreams through years that I kept,
Success and gratitude, in my childish mind set,
My personal goal is pay disbursable debt,
Dedication, fatigue, after all things you met.

Walls on my achievements, awkward difficulties,
With tough barriers and hurdles preventing me,
Insecurity wrap my improvements and deeds,
How could I repay your lost happiness and spree?

You endured all wounds, you suffered and you felt pain,
Despite difficulties, I owe you what I gain.
To stop reaching thy dream, to fail makes me feel maim,
"Quench your fear!", listen to persuasive voice I aim.

My chosen destiny - my token to future,
My appreciation Dad, thanks for the lecture.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Greatest Sins

You are the root of all evil,
You're compared to a writer's quill,
Life's unfair without your presence,
Wise men use you in a great sense.

You can break the strongest friendship,
You can kill long relationships,
And can make rain of tears freely,
And you were named after envy.

You are the cause of greatest sins,
You catch darkness in a basin,
Crime, concupiscent, seduction,
Yes! You are called the temptation.

Lies in head is bewilderment,
You are conscience's worst infringement,
The evil voice's whispers your cry,
And proudly shout your words as lie!

But God raised faith and summoned streams.
He built a bridge on broken dreams.
He clarified our vision on life.
Vanish! Earth's worst and sharpest knife.