Sunday, July 08, 2012

Greatest Sins

You are the root of all evil,
You're compared to a writer's quill,
Life's unfair without your presence,
Wise men use you in a great sense.

You can break the strongest friendship,
You can kill long relationships,
And can make rain of tears freely,
And you were named after envy.

You are the cause of greatest sins,
You catch darkness in a basin,
Crime, concupiscent, seduction,
Yes! You are called the temptation.

Lies in head is bewilderment,
You are conscience's worst infringement,
The evil voice's whispers your cry,
And proudly shout your words as lie!

But God raised faith and summoned streams.
He built a bridge on broken dreams.
He clarified our vision on life.
Vanish! Earth's worst and sharpest knife.

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