Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heart Break (I Found Myself)

I remembered our first conversation,
I can't control my admiration,
What am I feeling is brand new,
I find myself spending time with you.

Facing an angel with you in our lair,
I can't stop touching your curling hair,
Being my girlfriend out of the blue,
And I find myself loving you.

You are strict on everything I do,
You're selfish, that's what I knew,
Jealous and childish, I'm adding these two,
And I find myself unhappy with you.

Breaking up is what I am planning,
And I did, even my heart is aching,
This time you start me hating,
And I find myself crying.

I said what I don't mean, I pounch, I kick,
Thinking of you makes me sick,
Without you, the smile in me was stolen,
Without you, I find myself broken.

Years passed and autumn falls,
But I can't pass these memories' walls,
Loneliness in me spawn,
And I find myself all alone.

I find myself looking at your picture,
Regreting my mistake, accepting this lecture,
Advising my foes, guiding their worries,
And I find myself telling our stories.

This time I thought of you,
Tracing and searching for only you,
Wishing I still have chance on you,
'Coz I find myself still loving you.

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