Friday, February 10, 2012

Cycle of the Day

As the sun rises, starts up our day,
Clouds cover its brightness, Hey!
But when it starts to shine, and the clouds are gone,
The sun sets splendid time and lose its light.

Then comes the moon, reflects light from the sun.
Dictating the start of the mourning night,
Lighting up the darkness of our blackest sight.
Open those eyes, to figure out that you're not blind.

A full moon reflects a hundred percent to our land.
New moon shows a bright face, the new beginning in our hand.
Last quarter's bright finish, the darkness warn to come.
Inspect the waning of this moon, as it aligns to the sun.
Making the eclipse, seldom in our eyes.

The next day the sun will rise,
From dawn, will make brighter day.
Accepting the past, facing the brightest future,
Continuing its purpose at present time.

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