Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dear Ex,

Dear Ex,

I always liked the smell of your hair,
So please, take a bath everyday.
I've wanted to kiss your lips,
But I can't take the smell, it stinks.

Making love with you is so nice,
I use blindfold to cover my eyes,
That naughty look in your eye,
Makes me pray, "Let this night die."

A shell near my ear,
No sign of shore I hear,
No tidal wave for you to fear,
But a smell of fish this near.

You taught me and made me believe in religion,
'Coz it's hell with you and your legion,
Yeah it's heaven, now your gone,
Forever in paradise, if you leave me hon.

Me and our dog misses you in our house,
'Coz doggie can't find any trash.
My face stays calm when you are out,
When you're in, I can't stop your machine gun mouth.

You see me smile when you're around,
But I felt happiness when you're not in my ground.
I loved you without a lie,
But I wanna say goodbye.

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