Saturday, February 02, 2013

Go or Not

pouring raindrops stop me from walking,
waves of cold wind leaves me shivering,
lightning strikes my eyes making me blind,
and thunder shouts somewhere I can't find.

i'm really confused if I'll go or not,
releasing my sorrow tied in a knot,
like a dog barking wanting to escape,
soon will make me wild and a scary ape.

finally, I have decided what should I do,
pulling my coat right now, I need to be with you.
wipe up your tears and anger you want to set free,
I can't let you cry, if the unrighteous one is me.


  1. omaygundam!! na mention ako sa poem mo hahaha.. nice wan tol! go for broke! este follow your heart ^_^

  2. ,request ko 'to..
    huwaiiting sa next qng request..
    poems ♥
    take ur time.haha

    1. waha..thanks! ^_^ ayan yung photo na ginawa mo..appreciated!

      balik ka dito kapag wala ka uli magawa..ehe

  3. matagal pa un iba qng request poem? haha


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