Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby With No Tears

I met a lady whose alone and lonely,
No friends to talk to,
Every complete stranger solely,
Deep breathe, she walks through.
She enters a room with manly fumes,
Yet smiling, kidding, I just watch her bloom,
No one knows her insides were doomed,
Doom of darkness, the blame to whom.
Now I stepped close to you,
Erase nightmares, light up the dark,
That's what I'll do,
In your heart I will occupy and make a mark,
Trails she suffers before she sleeps,
Tears fall as it drips,
Exhausted but still active it seems,
I'll hug you and wipe up your screams.
I may not know you better,
But you are different from others,
I like you just the way you are,
Even the distance apart so far,
I wanna see the wonder of your smile,
I wanna hear the tenderness of your voice,
I gotta know your style,
Be by yourside just for a while.
My baby deserves a smile for years,
A baby with no tears,
A lady dancing in the rain,
My lady's joy must reign.

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