Saturday, November 24, 2012

Discreet Whisper

As the questionnaire touches my old rusty desk,
My world and my brain starts searching for every sect.
When everyone can't stop stealing and panicing,
There's this unidentified voice I am hearing.

These quite strong words, pushes my faith and inspires me,
Aside from lessons I learned from my family,
The influence of discreet voice touching my ear,
Trying to cast a trusted spell then, I should hear.

When I confuse myself, close to loosing my way,
The voice guided me as I hear what it might say.
I believe this isn't called cheating but a calling;
A calling worth listening, much worth caressing.

As I pass my answers away from this table,
I explore to thank for the whisperer's novel,
Discreet whisper dragged me before I was rotten,
Created great ending on how it was written.

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