Friday, May 04, 2012

Sky's Coverage

Blue, blue skies so calm and so nice,
Fly, fly above and reach that sky,
Stare, stare whole day with my joyful eyes,
To feel, feel those cotton clouds and lie that high.

My sky is you, solemn, so calm,
My cloud is you, so tender in my palm,
My blue is when you're not with me,
My sky is not lonely when you're smiling at me.

While looking above those soft white clouds,
Dreaming with you, silence but tweeting sounds,
Lying beside you in a green grassland,
Holding each other's perfectly matched hand.

My love for you is as wide as the sky,
Along the horizon sight you'll need to fly,
To measure my love is impossible to try,
While you're in my wings, there'll be no tear to cry.

I'll never stop loving you 'til skies turn red,
Nor plague in my body and heart will spread,
I'll always guide you in a wonderful rainbow,
A rainbow where colors of love sweetly glow.

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