Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love One Not Two

You, staring at a lass,
While thinking where she was,
Skies turn gray, make dark facade,
Like your love but it never fades.

You felt raindrops as it starts to fall,
Lift your palm and catch them all,
In your hand, where you held her and grasp,
'Til your commitment ends, so you have to stop.

The previous feelings that last,
Moving on will be hard to cast,
If you let happiness quickly pass,
It will collide with your joyful past.

Recently you're with lovely shawty,
New commitment with a new company,
But your heart still locked and chained,
Imprisoned in a love that can't be maintained.

Love for one, not for two,
Wisely choose, ask Him who?
For you can feel to whom you're gonna be happy,
She'll be the one for you, build commitment you can carry.

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