Friday, April 13, 2012

Just Like The Moon

All my life I feel alone,
Giving my best on my own,
Avoiding help from nearby stars,
Hiding the hurt that causes scars.

When I see someone crying out loud,
I try to give comfort tender like cloud,
I wanna see everyone happy,
In their hearts, not so lonely.

Just like the full moon,
Shining bright like it’s noon,
Lighting up the honeymoon,
But will fade really soon.

Starts with the thin reflection,
Ends with the same projection,
My might feels much protection,
While sleeping, dreaming my illusion.

From the aid of the sun,
The moon shines so white,
Showering us with so much fun,
Giving us light from our darkest night.

You can be the moon that shines at night,
Even if I’m alone, I can feel alright,
I may be the sun that makes you bright,
Even you’re lonely, you make my life light.

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