Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Stare At The Cross

I doubt to talk to You,
Because am I someone close to You?
I know that You always care,
So I’ll deliver my prayer in the air,
Even the sky’s so high,
I believe You hear me cry,
Wipe my sorrows, make me new,
I hope this rhyme reaches You.

We have a sad story to chant,
Not knowing where to start,
Give us the heart to love everyone,
Give us the faith to help anyone,
Grant us will to serve You on,
Lead us to worship and carry on,
Guide us in our every way,
And bless us on what we say.

I stare on the cross, 
My eyes can’t take this gross,
People have done this mess,
But You saved us oh Highness.
Pardon us mortals, what have we done!
Thank You Jesus, You died but never gone,
Holy Spirit embodied as a dove,
Oh God, You’re the perfect love!

My heart is weak,
My heart is evil,
Don’t let strength in me leak,
Guard me, lighten me real,
Divert me out of temptation,
Prevent envy and destruction,
Sufferings we thought is rough,
Give us courage, make us tough.

Heal this world where we live,
Mistakes I wish You forgive.
Teach us discipline and unity,
Earth needs to be free from vanity.
Everybody’s trying,
Everything’s changing,
Changes for the better,
Not for worst of all matter.

Upon ending this,
Thank You for the bliss,
Don’t get tired of guiding,
Thank You for all the blessings,
Let everyone be saved and see heaven,
You taught us forgiveness whatever happens,
I’m down in my knees praying,
Lord, thanking for everything.

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