Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Hate Wednesday

You said we would last,
But fifteen months have passed,
Your sweetest smile and your childish acts,
Popped like bubble, you broke my heart.

Asking the mirror, "What I've done wrong?"
Having a nightmare with a very sad song,
With you saying you fell out of love,
But I thought someone taken your heart.

I hate Wednesday,
No matter what they say,
Your love, your face, your care,
I remember whenever I accidentally stare.

If my pride has been our problem,
Or there's something in me that lack,
I'll chew and grind 'em!
Just to take you back.

Until now I feel uneasy,
I want you to stay with me,
I'll make a move and do anything,
'Coz I love you more than everything.

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