Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Saw Cupid

I saw you walking in the sky,
I stared up and wanna fly,
You struck my heart, I persevered,
Aiming the highest star, I succeed.

I saw you on the top of the tree,
I tried to climb to reach you near me,
You lend me a hand and tell your name,
Cupid, you said without a shame.

I saw you sitting in the park,
Looking for someone with the mark,
You aim, you shoot, love flew in their veins,
Happiness prevail, destiny reigns.

I saw you outside the window,
Holding your magic bow,
Introduced you to the girl beside me,
Who’s so familiar once you see.

I saw you in my dream,
I thanked you and regards in Him,
I trust my faith to you, I know,
You’ll never let me down.

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