Thursday, January 05, 2012

I Love You Tonight

You and me in this cold night,
Only this lamp shade make it bright,
Smiling this close without fright,
Beside me, hugging me tight.

Now, turn off the light,
As if we're doing right,
Kiss my eyes, my cheeks, my lips,
My neck down to my hips.

I love you, let's make love,
Give me everything you have,
Let's have some fun and won't regret,
Let's rock 'til were soaking wet.

I feel so much passion,
I find it a mission,
A quest searching for love,
Request I'm gonna have.

Tommorow do not cry,
Tonight we're on the sly,
Forget what happened like magic,
Hold and sway your magic stick.

Close your eyes like you're dreaming folks,
Feel the warmth and the fireworks,
In just a snap or the beat of the wand,
Empty your mind with this one night stand. 

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