Monday, January 16, 2012

My Girl

Look at me with my love,
She's so cute, she's my dove,
She hugs me so hard, so tight,
She loves me, we don't fight.

I look at her from my red car,
She secretly enters a bar,
She's dancing like crazy,
Beatin' in a doggie.

I liked to go near,
A surprise, my dear!
She's with somebody,
Calling her Shawty.

Approached her to state the ending,
Then, she smiles like she was thanking,
I stared at her, analyzing,
Concluded she was just playing.

Forgetting the past when I'm proud,
Boasting friends with this girl so loud,
And watching skies, and drawing cloud,
What foolish memories damn fraud!

I come, this home I tried to cry,
Praying to God, "I wanna die!"
No one's looking I'm not shy,
Stupid questions, "Why? Oh, why!"

When it is time that I decide,
Then it's time to commit suicide,
A hand tapped on my shoulder,
I looked, it was my mother.

I forgot someone I really love,
My only girl, the woman I have,
Loving me for who I am,
Never left, touching my palm.

The moment I opened my eyes,
She cared for me hearing my cries,
She wiped my tears, hugs me as reply,
My silence can never tell a lie.

I need someone to show my purpose,
Lies and hatred, started to lose,
There she is, just her appearance,
Waking me in my sadness trance.

I'm struggling,
She's loving,
I'm hugging and crying,
She's petting and caring.

I'm glad I have my Mom,
Our moon that make us calm,
Patiently waiting home,
Lighting up our big dome.

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