Sunday, December 04, 2011

My Cyberthday

Tik-tok, tik-tok,
Sound from the clock,
Twelve o'clock midnight,
Woke my dark night.

Greetings from the outer space,
Flooded by meteorites in very fast pace,
Falling stars sent, wishes were said,
Prayers coming from every friend.

Messages on my apple,
Nice words to flow,
From different people,
I don't even know.

Close friends did compete,
Whom greetings first will read,
Delicious deserts to eat,
Came from pictures' greed.

Lonely as an astronaut,
"But I have great friends", I've thought,
This cyber space is where I belong,
But I still have real life all along.

A real life to catch each meteors,
To apply all the messages of mentors,
A real life to reach all the stars,
A real life to live ignoring all scars.

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