Friday, October 18, 2013

I Fell Badly

I just stared in your mysterious eyes,
Now I can't say any sad goodbyes,
Because your eyes are as cold as ice,
To make it glow is the greatest prize.

I just imagined your cutest smile,
And if memories can be compiled,
I want to see it once more, again,
Then I'll be guessing what's hiding behind.

I just held your trembling hand,
To prove our eternal bond,
Holding you will be my life,
Releasing you will be my knife.

I just heard your lovely voice,
I felt intense and much rejoice,
After you said my name so gently,
No one thought me to jump happily.

I just fell badly... in love,
I know it's a message from above,
Where the signs came from a dove,
Loving an angel, I'll give everything I have.

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