Thursday, January 10, 2013

Feather on your Wing

just fly up high i'll be with you,
up the sky high i'll stay with you.
i can be a quill soaked in pee,
when separated in your body.

i am one that keeps you on top,
helps you complete your non-sense flap,
drop me now, i will drag you down,
rain will fall to forget that clown.

i'm just one of hundred feathers,
that supports you through cold weathers,
don't forget we grew together,
yes we are the greatest partners.

`cause i'm a feather on your wing,
then, without me you'll stop flying,
leaving me is like dying dream,
falling down while everyone scream.

even if i'm just a feather,
by your side we will go farther,
by your side i will always be,
i love when you value persons like me.

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