Saturday, August 04, 2012

How To Make A Poem For Your Lover

I'll start with some illustrations,
Which came from nature's visions,
To show you how wonderful I see,
While staring at you, my wife to be.

From here I'll compare you to the surroundings,
Realizing my thoughts and my findings,
That I can't search you one nice copy,
Because for me you're one and only.

Holding my precious dictionary,
I'll try to think some hyperbole,
Like how I put meaning to the mystery,
That you're my greatest destiny.

This part contains sweet corns,
Saying 'I Love You' with roses with thorns,
Loving you 'coz you're my only honey,
Living with you until I have zero money.

Closer to end is the saddest part,
Collecting the rain of love in a cart,
Guessing how you'll end this art,
Knowing you made it deep from your heart.

Ending a poem is like sweet goodbyes,
Waving your hands with teary eyes,
Expressing everything and anything you have,
Plus promising of faithful and eternal love.


  1. working po sa S40. bulacan are.

    dyowk lang. nice poem bro ^__^

  2. pa copy kuya ah pclogger from sym thanks po :thumbsup: for you

    1. sure..:) ndi ka na gumagawa ng tula sir..

  3. collecting the rain of love in a cart. - ooooz.


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