Monday, September 26, 2011

iOn eh!

i badly need your attention,
i won't do any action,
i just want a suggestion,
or any violent reaction.

so this is the situation,
because of little temptation,
i just made a penetration,
that may result the new generation.

that day could be a special occasion,
it's her birthday celebration,
but i haven't done any preparation,
to make my future decision.

with influence of this civilization,
i thought of abortion,
or maybe separation,
but i don't like each option.

my heart is with our old tradition,
without any exaggeration,
there is an easy solution,
my mind made the conclusion.

i won't hide to the nation,
or do such as hybernation,
i will make the right decision,
i will love her without expiration.

this is God's great creation,
i will accept without objection.
now i'm done with the explanation,
here is my question,

what boy's name is as strong as stallion,
and as brave as a lion,
or a girl named from attraction,
not too much to seduction?

note: this is just in my imagination,
i am still young with ambition,
i won't be in this situation,
no feeling of humiliation.

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