Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Need To Be With You

"I have something to say..."

I did not expect you to be here,
Somehow you suddenly appear,
Saying words I don't wanna hear,
Please be with me for plenty more years.

"I'm breaking up with you..."

Without your love, my life's worthless.
In a closed room I'm a clear glass,
Brittle, fragile, plain and quite small,
Will easily break with someone tall.

"I think I fell out of love..."

Push me hard so I'll fall this high,
Or I'll jump and pretend to fly.
I badly need to be with you,
Even dying, I'll proudly do.

"Don't say those non-sense!"

Scrape me with seven diamonds,
Empty my blood just in seconds.
If dying for you will feel the same,
As I felt love when I'm insane.

"Stop! You're just hurting yourself!"

If you need life in your wallet,
I will shoot in with a bullet,
Shatter my heart into pieces,
It'll spread rains of loves and kisses.

"You can't change my mind anymore..."

Please be with me or I'll hate this life,
Stab my body using these knives!
Do what you want, take my breath away,
But before I close my eyes, will you stay?

"Goodbye... Just die!"

You saw me slice my wrist,
Held the knife tight in my fist,
But you let me bleed my life away,
I thought this is an effective way.

"I didn't really care for you..."

No matter how I hurt myself,
You didn't care as I kill myself.
I felt the pain within and out,
You still left me with a broken heart.


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