Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friends Forevermore

Walking alone doesn't mean I got no friend,
But walking lonely really needs to end.
Encumbrance in my heart I need to confess,
That I have sinned and created this mess.

Staring at nowhere doesn't mean I'm alone,
Something's bothering me in our friend zone,
Our friendship is at sake but's lost in my mind,
A mistake that is done and I can't rewind.

I miss the old times, and your smile, and your jokes,
The way you react everytime I poke,
It hurts when reality says, "those were last"
Knowing that could be a part of my past.

I'm still looking forward whatever maybe,
You know how important you are to me,
Hoping to be friends as we were before,
Praying we'll be friends forevermore.

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