Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unknown Girl

How can you find a girl
Leaving you nothing but memories
Without a name nor an address
Just a pretty smile in her face.

She's so beautiful wonderful,
She smiles cheerful but painful,
Made me damn so silent
Just walking like in a pageant.

A day so merry so happy
Memoirs i remember from the past,
Suddenly she's gone so suddenly
No one thought it was last.

At the neighbor a beer is drank
Stories jokes were wisely said,
While on the way home walking drunk
My loneliness in the air spreads.

Goodbyes to each other were well said
In the lips was a kiss before i let go
I waved my hand each distance afar traveled
She watched me with a smile
Until she's gone on the horizon.

I search at Facebook for a look a like
But a name is asked and is a must.
Can't guess a sweet name for her,
How I wish her image there will appear.

I think love is what i feel
Coz searching for somebody is hard to deal.
Hold to much patience for you to see,
To much faith to your girl to be.

Minutes, hour, seconds pass by
There anytime your smile in my mind
Your face in my eyes, Oh my!
I pray to God for my girl to find.

I sip my coffee its five thirty four
This girl passed by my side
I looked at her and blink my eyes
Not once, twice, trice, am startled
She's the girl i am searching for,
I can't miss another chance.

Thank God He answered my prayer
Is this destiny they call?
What important is she with me,
Oh! Her name was Destiny.

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