Saturday, May 31, 2014

Special's Poem

I want to be unique
But I don't want to be weird
I need not much attention
But not too much to be feared.

I want to stare on anybody's eyes
And smile at them every time
But they're avoiding eye contact
Like I did something like a crime.

My hand moves on its own
As my heart shouts what it feels
My brain has overflowing words
As my body itself slowly kills.

I'm afraid to lose everyone
And I'm having a hard time finding new
A friend who will be with me forever
And cheer me up when I feel blue.

Just like how the sun shines
Every morning up the sky
You can't stare at it too long
Can't reach for it to fly.

It seeks for attention
That's why it's getting hot
Yet you feel so scared
And wished that it is not.

I'm the sun which can be so hot
I'm the lonely moon up above
I'm not as normal as you are
But I also  need some love.

I wonder why I did a poem
Something I don't usually do
After a burst of emotion
It's this poetry to all of you.

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